When to Wear

Formal Ocassions

There is a shibboleth that silk knots are only for casual occasions and that they are too informal for weddings, funeral and board meetings. Formal occasions require elegance. By their very nature, formal occasions are very structured. You want to resonate with this structure by wearing something that is in completely in harmony. But that does not mean you need to go for hard cufflinks. Just pick a pair of silk knot cufflinks that are appropriate for the occasion.

Think about it. At a barbecue you can wear flip flops, khaki’s and hawaiian shirt. A barbecue is a very relaxed, informal occasion where anything goes and the same is true about your outfit. But at say a formal wedding, you want to wear a tuxedo, a highly coordinated outfit with strict rules.

The key with choosing a pair of silk knot cufflinks for a formal occasion is to match the level of structure of the occasion. For a black tie event, you want a pair of silk knots that strictly adheres to the dress code. Choose classic black or classic white for example.

For an afternoon garden wedding, you have a little bit less structure. You could choose a bright color such as a pink to go with a more grey classic suit and white shirt combination. Just a little splash of color will go a long way here.

Don’t confuse expensive with formal. Few cuff closures look more elegant than simple white or black silk knots.