Tips for Wearing

1. Plain Solid Shirt – for a solid shirt in a muted color such as white, blue or cream you can do almost anything. Match the color to blend it in. Use a bold color silk knot cufflink to make it stand out. Or make the silk knot a feature and try a patterned design.

2. Feature Solid Shirt – when the shirt is a featured color in your outfit match the cufflink to the shirt so that it does not stand out. Alternatively you can use a solid white cuff-link to create a contrast and emphasize the featured color on the shirt and make it pop a little more.

3. Patterned Shirt – with a patterned shirt, your aim is to avoid disrupting the pattern. Match any one of the colors on the shirt. For example pair a blue/white/baby blue striped shirt with solid blue cufflinks. Or match the pattern on the shirt with the pattern on the cufflinks.

4. Ties – create harmony between the tie and the silk knot by matching one of the colors on the tie. For example a red/blue geometric patterned tie could be paired with either a red or blue solid silk knot cufflink.

5. Create a Trademark – we know a guy that always wears a white/red/black three color silk knot he had custom made to match the colors on his family crest. People notice those kinds of details. Don't have a family crest, use your college colors, or find your own trademark ... how about something clean looking solid like a snow white silk knots. You need confidence to pull this one off.

6. Share but not too much – share soft cufflinks with your partner. This is one of the few items in your wardrobe that both she and he can wear. But do not match each other’s outfits, you are past junior high.

7. Five Basics – every wardrobe needs a solid white, blue, red, yellow and black. You can use them to dress up or down a basic white shirt and can pair them with a wide variety of solid and patterned shirts. If you want to expand look through your and pick a selection that coordinate.

8. When to wear – soft cufflinks are traditionally worn to make an outfit more casual than hard cufflinks. You can also use a matching soft cufflink in a more formal setting to avoid attracting attention to the cufflink or to create a splash of color. Which brings us to our favorite tip:

9. Splash – add a dab of color to a monochromatic or formal ensemble to inject some personality into the mix. Set off the whiteness of a shirt with a pale apple green. A bright yellow to add sparkly to a plain business shirt.

10. Rules are meant to be broken - you can't wear loafers with a suit. Cary Grant wears loafers with a suit. Now, you can wear loaders with a suit. Rules are rules until someone elegantly shatters them. Then new rules are made. Be adventurous. Take risks. Share with us what works at